Just a brief reminder of two webinars this month: one on loss of earnings, the other on court fees and associated issues.

This webinar “Claims for loss of earnings: law, procedure and evidence, prove it or lose it” is on the 10th September 2019.

The webinar will cover:
The law as to loss of earnings
How a claim for loss of income is calculated
The young claimant – talent nipped in the bud
Multiplier and multiplicands
Disability in the labour market, evidence and practice
The Blamire award
Awards for loss of congenial employment
The self-employed claimant
The schedule of damages and claims for loss of earnings
Proving loss of earnings at trial – some practical examples
You can book through the link here.


On the 25th September at 1.pm, I am giving a webinar “Court fees: Avoiding the pitfalls – fees, fee remission, abuse of process and striking out”. The webinar deals with practice and procedure relating to court fees, including failure to pay the fee, paying the incorrect fee, remission of fees, striking out and abuse of process and automatic striking out. (There is a certain irony that the cost of this webinar, even if seven or more people watch, is far lower than the basic fee for an application notice.) This is another one of those areas that litigators deal with every day but remains an area rife with potential difficulties. The aim of the webinar is to help you avoid those difficulties and know how to resolve them if they do occur.
This webinar gives an overview on the law and practice relating to Court fees. Including the calculation of Court fees. Applying for remission of fees and appeals against remission. It also covers the case law relating to the striking out of actions in relation to under-payment of court fees on issue. The section on the automatic striking out of actions for failure to pay the trial fee is of particular importance to all practitioners.

Calculating court fees
Court fees in Part 8 proceedings
Applying for court fee remission
Appeals for court fee remission
Striking out for failure to pay the correct fees – the law and cases
Automatic striking out for failure to pay the trial fee – the rules and the cases
Details of how to book are available here.

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