On the 8th February 2023 I am presenting a webinar  “Understanding the Law Relating to Fatal Accidents”.  Booking details are available here.  THE WEBINAR This webinar takes you through the essential elements you have to consider before you can advise whether a claim for fatal accident damages can be brought. It covers:- THE SERIES This webinar […]

Alongside solicitor Hilary Wetherell I am presenting a day long course: Fatal Accidents: Law, Practice, Procedure and Compassion 2021.  It is an online course on the 12th November 2021.  Booking details are available here. THE COURSE This one day virtual course will take you through every element of a fatal accident claim, with particular emphasis on the compassionate […]

I am giving a webinar on the 3rd September 2020 “Pleadings (statements of case) for personal injury lawyers”. “It is important that parties properly distinguish between a concise statement of facts and recitation of the evidence upon which they seek to prove such facts. Every bar student is taught that they should plead facts and not […]

On the 9th September 2020 I am presenting a webinar on loss of earnings. This webinar  looks at recent cases in relation to loss of earnings, and what they can tell us about evidence and the judicial approach to these claims. It also looks at the various factors set out in the latest Ogden Tables.  […]

I am presenting a webinar on the 31st July 2020 dealing with the new Actuarial Tables.   THE CONTENT   The government’s new ‘Actuarial Tables’ were published on 17th July 2020. The webinar takes us through the significant changes introduced by the 8th edition of the tables. What are the “Actuarial Tables” and what purpose to do […]

On the 23rd July 2020 I am conducting a webinar “Claims for Medical Expenses, Care and Work around the Home”.  This webinar looks at damages in relation to medical expenses and care. It covers the whole range of care claims, from the relatively modest injury to the severely disabled claimant. THE WEBINAR This webinar looks […]

On the 31st March I am giving a webinar on Social Media and the Personal Injury Lawyer.  This webinar looks at two things in detail (i) The ways in which PI lawyers can use social media as a resource to keep up to date in both law and procedure. (Links to useful, blogs, Twitter accounts […]

Just a brief reminder of two webinars this month: one on loss of earnings, the other on court fees and associated issues. CLAIMS FOR LOSS OF EARNINGS This webinar “Claims for loss of earnings: law, procedure and evidence, prove it or lose it” is on the 10th September 2019. The webinar will cover: The law […]

In Chisholm v D & R Hankins (Manea) Ltd [2018] EWHC 3407 (QB) the High Court found liability established on the grounds of an inadequate risk assessment by the defendant employer.  The judge also made important observations about the relevance of statutory duties after s.69…

In Swift v Carpenter [2018] EWHC 2060 (QB) Mrs Justice Lambert carried out a detailed consideration of the value and cost of prosthetic legs.   It is unusual for this issue to be considered at length and the judgment is worth reading for that issue alone. …